Did you know it is possible to buy used cars in Bend, OR without having to worry if you’re doing it right or making the best decision? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy a used car the easy way:


Step 1: Figure Out What Pre-Owned Car You Want

            There’s a lot of Bend used cars to choose from when you’re looking online, but you need to find which used car is best for you, best meets your financial situation, and won’t break down every other week. Preferably this used car is a vehicle you will love and feels special to you. A great way to find out what car you want to look for is by using cars.com or autotrader.com to explore which car beats out competitors, but also if your car is what you feel most attracted to. It’s almost like dating.

Step 2: Look for a Good Deal, But Don’t Be Fooled

            Don’t go with a car that is abnormally cheap online. Always check the Carfax and don’t be persuaded into buying a vehicle that’s been in an accident already or has previous damage that’s been repaired. Certain used car dealerships will try to sell you on a vehicle that has been fixed after an accident, but usually this could compromise the strength of the vehicle in a future accident. Also, branded titles void manufacturer warranties when it comes to used car sales.

Step 3: Shop Certified Pre-Owned or Complimentary Warranty

            A certified pre-owned car, truck, or SUV is a used vehicle that has been subjected to numerous checks by both the store and the manufacturer to make sure it’s a quality vehicle deserving of certification that proves its condition and history. Usually, used car sales that are certified not only have a clean title but a clean history of regular oil changes. They’ve never been in an accident. A vehicle can be in previous accidents with the title status unaltered.

Step 4: Test Drive to Make Sure

            Test driving a vehicle is one of the most important parts of buying any Bend used cars. A test drive reveals many hidden aspects of the car you may not have realized from looking at it online like how it drives, if you’re comfortable, or if you even feel confident in its size. Always test drive a car before signing anything and always make sure it feels right to you.

Step 5: Get an Insurance Quote

            Don’t forget when buying used cars in Bend you need to call your insurance company in advance. Consult your dealer for insurance if you’re unsure which company to go with in the case of you not already having auto insurance lined up for your purchase. To get a quote from your insurance company, simply call and give the details of the vehicle and they’ll be able to quickly get you a quote for different plans through them. Keep in mind that sporty cars have higher insurance rates than a commonly driven car like a base-level Ford Focus trim.

Step 6: Get Appropriate Financing and Check the Purchase Agreement

            Always ask questions at used car sales when it comes to financing your next vehicle and weigh all options including consulting your own bank. Sometimes your bank can give you better interest rates and sometimes the dealer you’re working with can beat your bank! It never hurt to ask. Used car dealerships can pull a few strings when it comes to their relationships with credit unions or banks so sometimes, they can help you get the best deal through a quality financial institution.